Our Target is Innovation

2ndhome.com builds for second home and vacation home owners looking to establish their dreams in Cape Coral and Fort Myers.

Discerning owners have come to rely on 2ndhome.com for quality design and exceptional construction.

We offer many innovative extras and special details to inspire your personal lifestyle and improve your standard of living.  It was Henry Ford that once said,  ‘‘If I had asked people first, what they want, then they would have said... faster horses“

Embracing that thought 2ndhome.com strives to target owners who will in turn, embrace the innovation and enjoy the experience.  2ndhome.com seeks to serve the people who appreciate the luxury of a second or vacation home with exceptional accents, Owners that wish to invest in quality and luxury in a thoughtful combination of a vacation residence with their own personal lifestyle.

2ndhome.com emphasizes personal consultation, individualized home design and intensive supervision during construction.  2ndhome.com has an established network of an established construction company with over 20 years of acclaimed building experience and the professional cooperation of competent proven real estate professionals.  This network allows for continuous, unparalleled attention to our client’s wishes with quick purposeful action.

Our mission at 2ndhome.com is to “Bring Luxury to Your Life”

  • We set ourselves apart by offering the highest standards in Quality Construction
  • We set ourselves apart by providing the highest in personal care and accountability
  • We set ourselves apart by providing the maximum in Quality for your Investment
  • We understand you appreciate the finest in details…. We strive to Satisfy

Our Goal is to not only have satisfied customers but to have completely delighted customers.  The finest and exceptional is our chosen standard.  We pledge to continually work on developing new and innovative concepts and incorporate all the best that we have to offer - To be as free and unique as the ‘‘American Dream“ with a view towards ‘‘German design and precision“